De una pieza

De una pieza

Olga Pericet
  • On tour: 8 people
  • Running time: 65 mins.
  • Premiere: 2012


Time moves incessant and generates new and continuous creations valid for the actual moment, and that disappears in the near future. Each of them is a piece of the great creative mosaic life of an artist.

The work that I present derives from the concept of a very well known Chinese origin puzzle called Tangram, its object is to reproduce the proposed figure using the pieces that we have.

In this spectacle, I want to crystallize some of the moment of my artist trajectory, with five elected pieces, one of my previous Works and another created in this moment in which I live…. Given as a result the new form.



Direction, choreography and dance Olga Pericet
Musical director Olga Pericet
Original music Antonia Jiménez & Jose Angel Carmona
Recorded music Magna Antología del folckore musical de España, El Aguajetas, “Ambient” Héctor Gonzále